Keywords & Content

When looking at various SEO techniques and strategies in China and around the world, the most common is keyword SEO and SEO content. Keywords and content play an integral part in ranking, position, and placement in search engine results, which again is the main goal of any good SEO campaign.

The reason for the focus on keywords and content is because, second only to the address of the website itself, these are what most search engines use in ranking websites in search results. Websites that receive good position and placement in search results get far more traffic than websites buried at lower placement and position on the search engine results page. That is why ranking is so important in SEO: in order to drive more and better traffic to a site, it needs to receive the best placement in the ranking order of search engine results for any given keyword.

You certainly can change the address of your website, but wouldn’t it be easier to change and improve the content? Good SEO content — the kind that will get you good placement and position in search engine results — must be rich in keywords. Let’s use the example website of SEOChina again. A site called “” might want to have specific SEO content about search engine optimization in China. The content should use a lot of SEO keywords; keywords that would commonly be used in search engines. The point of using a lot of SEO keywords in your content is that when people search for specific terms, the search engine will recognize that those specific keywords show up in your content, making your site appear more relevant to the specific search, and therefore it will receive better placement and position in the search engine results.

Another good reason for utilizing SEO keywords in your SEO content site is AdSense. AdSense is a third-party service that pairs businesses looking to spend advertising dollars with website developers and domainers who have ad space to sell. AdSense is developed by Google and therefore uses many of the same rules as search engines. AdSense will automatically scan websites for relevant content and match those sites with businesses. The more optimized your SEO content is with the right keywords, the more likely you are to get relevant ads from AdSense, which increases the domainer’s or website owner’s revenue stream exponentially over those sites that are simply parked and never receive traffic from search engines.